How to Remove SIM Card from iPhone 7 without Paperclip


With earlier models, inserting and ejecting a SIM card off a mobile device was pretty easier, but with new advanced latest models, especially of iPhones, like iPhone 7, it is a bit tricky since the SIM card slot is provided in the sideway portion and not on the back side like the older models.

Most of the times, when we purchase latest phones like iPhones, it is the Apple store keeper who inserts and sets the iPhone to action and you don’t need to do the menial job, but there will be times when you would need to do it all by yourself. So better learn the way which is explained in this article.

We will basically cover the entire topic in three parts:

  • What you Need to Remove the SIM Card from your iPhone 7?
  • How to know where your SIM tray is located?
  • How to Actually Remove the SIM Card from iPhone 7?

Let’s now begin to read the methods with complete description.

#1: What You Need to Remove the SIM Card from iPhone 7?

You don’t need a whole lot of things, but a single tool to remove the iPhone 7 SIM card, the Apple SIM Card remover provided in the tool kit, especially when you purchase the device for the first time from Store.

remove sim card from iphone

But in case you don’t have the SIM Card remover, or got it lost misfortunately, don’t freak out. Even a bent paper clip can do the job. Just straighten up the paper clip until the long tail projects out and its good to go.

#2: How to Know Where Your SIM Tray Is Located?

Nowadays, most of the iPhone comes with a SIM Card trayiphone sim location with few exceptions like iPhone 4. The SIM tray location varies from model to model. In some models it is at the top, in few it is on the left side, but in case of iPhone 7, it’s on the right side. Once you figure have figured out where the SIM Card tray is located, the rest of the part is pretty much simpler than you can imagine.

Read the next section and you will know how to remove it.

#3: How to Actually Remove SIM Card from iPhone 7?

In the previous section, we revealed that on the right side of the iPhone 7, you will find the SIM tray, now in this section we will describe the SIM card removal procedure.


First ensure that your iDevice is properly powered off. Now from the right side, remove the SIM tray. In order to do it, just insert the straightened up paper pin or the SIM card remover into the little hole on the right hand side and press slightly. Automatically the SIM Card tray will come out with the SIM card.

Take out the SIM Card and insert the tray again into the slot. Make sure that you re-insert the tray in the correct orientation.


Hence from the next time, whenever you will have the need to remove the SIM card from your iPhone 7 model you know exactly where to look for. 

Katia Laine is an associate editor who works at iSeePassword. She writes about Microsoft, Windows, iPhone and Android. You can contact here via Facebook.